MOTUC original custom character Maag-Marr!

"Deep within Subternia dwells the fearsome lava lord Maag-Marr. As the pressures build so does his power, control over molten rock that he harnesses through the magmatic core in his chest. Wielding a meteor staff imbued with powerful cosmic energy Maag-Marr will soon lead his underground forces against all of Eternia and flood the surface with his burning rage!"

Here's the lava-wielding Maag-Marr, my newest custom Masters of the Universe Classics character. He was created from a Calix body, ML Terrax head, reflective gem chest piece, and extra sculpted stone work. His staff was made from Strobo's meteor accessory and some ML Green Goblin flames were added. A lot of airbrushing went into the magma effects in the cracks of his stone in order to get them looking like they were glowing such as shades of red, orange, and yellow.

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