Marvel vs Capcom 2 Sentinel

Take two on my Marvel vs Capcom2 Sentinel is complete! I had most of an extra Mecha-hulk laying around so I decided to use him up. Only problem was I was missing the hands and legs! I found one of those Mega-Morph Hulk tanks on clearance and used the hands from it (minus a digit) and the arms as the Sentinel's legs. Then I Apoxie suclpted more body sections on him to mirror the look of the game character including a new chest and waist. The head is still Mecha-hulk's head with sculpted sections arond it. The 'Rocket Punch' attachment was made from various pieces and magnetic joints were added in the wrists so you can remove them and attach the accessories. I used an Animated Overtkill's saw unit for the jumping fierce punch attachment. Mixed up some custom purple and blue colors for him and he was done, enjoy!

Custom Sentinel Action Figure

X Men Sentinel

Sentinel Marvel

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