7" scale MOTUC Skeleton Warrior customized action figure

When the reanimated skeletons of warriors fallen in battle arrive at your doorstep you some sort of dark magic has to be at work. Enter everyone's favorite bone-baddie the Skeleton Warrior! Credit to He-Mike Customs for coming up with the vintage Aracula recipe for this figure. I used a MOTUC King Hsss waist so you can pop the Skeleton Warror apart to make it look as if he's coming out of the ground or crawling. Vintage Skeleton Warrior Aracula bones and torso were used and a Castle Grayskull skull was modded for the head. Now it was time to accessorize him with all sorts of armor, helmets, weapons, and cloaks. You can mix and match parts to get an Egyptian, gladiator, or Rogue look. A multi-jointed neck vertebra allows him to get those creepy hunched poses. Watch out He-Man, the undead approach!

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