Custom Avengers 6" Movie Loki Marvel Legends figure

You knew it was coming. Loki just wasn't complete without them. While the Avengers Walmart exclusive Loki was great he was still missing the most important thing Tom Hiddleston brought to the character...wispy hair tips. Here I've revamped Loki to be more screen-accurate by resculpting his iconic movie hairstyling using Aves Fixit Sculpt. A single right shoulder pad was added as was his casual look but putting on the cape adds the second shoulder pad to complete the 'King Loki' image. His tunic was also lengthened, armor added to his forearms and a chest strap. Since the helmet would no longer fit I added a second helmeted head and gave his armor a brilliant gold finish with antiquing. A complete paint job in the proper black/brown/green colors made his details pop. Loki's staff was lengthened and a clear blue Mind Gem added. Now that's the Loki I remember seeing on the big screen!

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