Custom Skylanders Life Element Habitat

The Skylanders were sent to Earth but where are they living there? On your desk, stuffed in a box, or hidden behind a gaming console? Not anymore! Here's a custom Skylanders "Life Habitat" for them to live in. Measuring 26" long, 10" tall, and 4" deep, your Skylanders will finally find a place to call home.

The tree-trunk stands can hold 6 skylanders (or 5 and one level on the widest one) and spaces beside them to store items. Various branches, real preserved moss, vines, and leaves shade them. And when it's night time the tree in the background lights up via a hidden switch to illuminate their home. The cast metal feet are removable so the Habitat can be hung on the wall or stacked on top of others.

I plan on making Habitats for all the different elements, each lighting up and displaying the character's properties. The Fire one will have pools of glowing lava, the Magic one spell books and potions, the Earth one light up crystals, etc. Check back each week to see which new Habitat I've created.

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