Custom Power Core Combiner Leadfoot

Leadfoot was sort of a side project of mine. I had a few of him left over from using the heads for my Cyberjets and noticed how nice his design/articulation was. It would be a shame for him to go to waste and I figured he could be integrated into my Generations/Classics collection if I could just get the blue blocks off. The ones on his hands were easy, you just clipped those. But it took a soldering iron to head the pin up on his feet. You have to leave the black fold-down posts (now exhausts) so he can stand up in bot mode. I used the mini head from armada Overload for his new noggin and mounted it on a ball-joint. A quick paint detailing later to both Leadfoot and his minicon and I had a new scout that matched the rest of my TF collection.

Power Core Combiner Leafoot

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