Laserbeak from Transformers Dark of the Moon Movie

"You were always my favorite Jerry..but my superiors demand that I must suicide you!" Oh that creepy Laserbeak, I squealed with joy when he actually started talking. So when making the custom I wanted an equally creepy look for him instead of the baby pigeon face. Laserbeak's eyes were replaced by Modeling Support Goods parts along with other fodder pieces for the lower beak hooks to give him a beady-eyed look. All of his whatever-the-alt-mode-hover-thing was sections removed and his legs for modifications. His hips were then shortened and attached to the main body, hip feathers added, leg coverings trimmed back/resculpted, ball jointed added to wings and longer bladed feathered attached.

I turned his breastbone into a C-clip bar so Breacher's cannon could fit in there making a new breastplate that flipped up (Whirl's gatling works too). Two of WFC Cliffjumper's guns made nice little basters for his wings. His paint job consists of Tamiya Light gunmetal with Testors one coat lacquer diamond dust highlights, copper, bronze, Quicksilver, gunmetal, and tamiya clear red for engine sections. Now Laserbeak is fully poseable with tons of movement, though he no longer has an alt mode.

Custom Laserbeak

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