Custom Laserbeak (Booster X-10) Transformers Movie figure

Today we have Laserbeak, one of Soundwave's minions made from a 'Real gear' Booster X-10 figure. Booster is basically Laserbeak anyway, he just needed to be repainted. However I noticed you could only turn the head, Booster couldn't look up or down! So I found a perfect neck replacement made from a finger joint of a Doc Ock figure. Check my fix-thread at The Allspark for closeup pics of how I replaced his neck. Once that was done, all I had to do was repaint him to match the original Laserbeak's colors closer. You could probably cut out the orange IPod screen and replace it with a different colored film if you wanted, but Hasbro plugged up the screw holes where you'd take his wings apart. At the same time, no screw holes are a good thing. Enjoy!