Custom Star Wars Black Series 6" Kylo Ren action figure with alt head

Star Wars the Force Awakens gave us a brand new villain, Kylo Ren of the First Order. However the 6" Black Series figure needed some upgrades. Here I've made the hood removable by undoing the stitching and wrapping the hood material around a modded Dr Doom hood that clips under the base of Kylo's helmet allowing it to turn with his head while laying flat. He now comes with open gesture hands modded from a Superior Venom, force lighting hands from a movie Elctro, and new unmasked head as shown at the end of the movie using a Prince Caspian character's head with newly sculpted features. Kylo's lightsaber was given the clear crackling flame look by sculpting clear epoxy around the blade and coating it with clear red/orange highlights.

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