Custom "End of the Road" Kup, Mad-Max style buggy

"When all is said and done, when the years pass by with no change in seasons... and the only sounds echoing in the once thriving cities are that of machines, you know you've reached the End of the Road. With humanity near extinction the fight between Autobot and Decepticon still rages on across the irradiated wastelands of a dying Earth."

The oldest of the Wreckers having seen countless battles Kup continues to fight the Decepticons on the wasteland of earth. Armored and adapted for the toxic desert terrain Kup's ventilation system filters out corrosive gasses and replaces them with the radioactive crystalline gas that allows him to function properly.

Kup was created from a Movie Landmine deluxe with modded Generations Kup head, replaced 5mm hole hands, and new feet. Various spikes and bumpers were added along with screen and armored window plating. A Gatling gun, rifle, and cannon can now attach to his vehicle form and be dual-wielded. Last but not least Kup comes with a huge knife that stores behind his back when not in use.

For those wondering how to do the 'Three A' style paint job it consists of these steps:

1. Basecoat in a faded/yellowed shade of the character color. This includes the secondary colors like inner limbs.
2. Paint distinguishing detail colors ie; Kup's orange marks, Wheeljack's red/green stripes, Prime's yellow waist sections, etc.
3. Apply a very thin wash of a muddy lighter brown, almost tan over the entire figure. Wipe just the surface off allowing the wash to dry in the cracks.
4. Add black wash detail line-in to main sections/dividing parts like door panels, chest grates, etc.
5. Using a torn artist sponge dab on dark brown paint to raised edges, all over the figure. This simulates old rust.
6. Using the edge of your brush highlight the very edges of the dark brown with a reddish brown to simulate new rust.
7. Optional sponge work can include silver dabbing, then covering that with a light brown wash to simulate chipped paint and rusted metal underneath.
8. Gouges are painted black with a silver steak in the gap. Bullet holes are painted black with a silver circle in the middle.

End of the Road Kup

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