Kraven the Hunter, GI Joe/Marvel Crossovers Custom Figure

”When the Headhunters are at a loss, after the trackers have nothing but a trail gone cold, Cobra Commander makes the call to the one man who can get the job done. The madman known as Kraven the Hunter is the highest paid tracker in the world. He's hunted everything from big game to military targets. In his years spent on the Australian Outback Kraven has learned how to survive in even the harshest environments. It doesn't hurt that he's augmented his endurance and agility with ancient Aboriginal elixirs either. Even Snake Eyes can't evade the senses of this man, he truly is the master of the hunt!”

Kraven is a new Marvel/GI Joe 'crossover' figure I've done where the character is created in a whole new style rather than just scaled down. He was made from:

Head/legs: Bazooka
Torso: Destro
Hands/mane: Snow Viper
Back of mane: Some wrestling figure's hair

Kraven the Hunter

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