Custom Pacific Rim Knifehead Kaiju figure with articulated body

This custom Pacific Rim Knifehead Kaiju has been given full articulation by splicing the 7" NECA Knifehead with their Predator Hound figure. Bladenoggin now has a double ball jointed neck, ball shoulders, ball elbows, ball/hinge mini-arms, ball hips, ball knees, and ball feet. He can be posed in 'swimming mode' now with his head tilted all the way up! I used Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt to resculpt quite a bit of the figure to hide the spliced parts. Knifehead was given a black basecoat with a dark grey wash, glossy highlights for contrast, brilliant white-blue mouth effects, and freehanded yellow stripes. Pacific Rim just got a whole lot cooler with this Kaiju posed on the prowl!

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