Codename: Killzone, Mercenary (GI Joe)

"Killzone appeared on the merc-for-hire scene shortly after Wraith and was once rumored to be his accomplice. However, nothing could be farther from the truth. He was actually one of Wraith’s targets and supposedly killed in a hit. Killzone survived however with the lower half of his face blown off and is now seeking revenge. Taking any high level job that could possibly lead him to cross paths with his would-be killer, Killzone has only one goal… to cause Wraith as much pain and suffering as possible before the end."

This figure was made from:

Head: 21st Cent figure with sculpted mouthplate
Upper Body/arms: Neo Viper RoC
Upper legs: Sgt Flash RoC
Lower Legs: Heavy Duty RoC
Holster: Star Wars figure
Coat: DC Universe Hush
Nightvision Goggles: Snake Eyes+magnets

Version 3 of my ever updated original character Codename: Killzone, mercenary for hire.


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