Custom NECA style Kenner Robocop with cap firing action!

It's time for a trip down memory lane to the land of Kenner. Remember the cap-firing Robocop figures you had as a child? Well this time I bring you an NECA style Robocop figure that's done in the same style. It even has the cap-firing mechanism embedded in its back! This custom was made by taking a videogame Robocop and merging the upper/lower torso, hollowing out the back, and installing a cap-blasting mechanism taken from the original Kenner figure. A lot of work had to be done to carve the original unit down so that it still opened up properly and vented the smoke. The leg still opens up to reveal his classic gun but I created an oversized tri-barrel blaster and gave Robo a Kenner paint job to complete the look.

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