Justin Aclin, real life Toyfare Editor

Hey look, it's Justin Aclin, Wizard's Toyfare editor! When a staff member leaves Wizard it's customary for them to give them a special piece of artwork commissioned by one of the greats such as Jim Lee. However when Justin found his calling elsewhere they tapped me to create not a drawing for Justin but rather a custom action figure of him! Fortunately he came back a few months later and rejoined the Wizard family.

To create lil' Justin I started with the upper body of the ML Movie Punisher. the lower legs of an Angel, sculpting the shirt, shorts, watch, socks, and shoes along with Justin's beard! Then I gave the figure the rarest Star Wars figure of them all, dead-n-blasted Greedo and an icons Ghost Rider to collect that were just his size. Justin's earring and a tiny pair of removable glasses were added to complete the transition from flesh to plastic...Aclin the Action Figure was born.

You can check out Justin's interview here at the Fwoosh.

Justin Aclin Toyfare

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