John Mallamas, aka: Jin Saotome, the action figure!

"John Mallamas spends all day hunched over in a frenzy a desk hacking up action figures. No, he's not crazy, he's a customizer! Each day brings a new idea to the table as John tediously creates custom action figures for fans around the world, often injuring himself in the process with his Dremel tool. Sporting his Yeti T-shirt and Deadpool beltbuckle, he's ready to hit the SDCC and pester the Hasbro booth guys into making a Shuma Gorath figure in their next assortment."

This figure was made from,

Head: Broken Arrow Toys cast
Body: Gen Hawk ROC
Legs: Cobra Commander ROC
Feet: Storm Shadow ROC

Props include paint jars made from cut styrene rods, hacked up Heroclix Collossus, Halo3 peg made into a Dremel, brad/nail xacto knife, smaller brad and frayed wire for the paintbrush, chair from a Star Trek figure, and random dollhouse table. This basic recipe can be used for all sorts of different civilians that wear T-shirts and jeans. This custom was created specifically to fit into the 'self customs' category at Now I need to do a diorama and complete the circle!

John Mallamas

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