Custom Jin Saotome GI Joe scale Action Figure

"Here's one for the books gentlemen. On a future earth the warrior known as Jin Saotome was lost through space and time after sacrificing himself to defeat the psionic entity known as Onslaught. Though believed dead by all but Ryu, it turns out that Jin had actually crossed in to a new reality... ours. He found himself in a world at war and chose to help the Joes. Soon afterwards he learned that Cobra had stolen the very wormhole technology that could send him home. Jin now brings the fight to their front door with unmatched hand-to-hand combat that engulfs the enemy in explosive flames. Even Snake Eyes has to wear a fireproof gi when sparring with this hot-headed fellow!"

Parts used:

Head: Hard Master with sculpted detail
Body/hands: Shipwreck
Lower Arms: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Lower Legs/upper arms: Snow Job
Feet: Star Wars Evo Trooper
Shoulderpads: Cobra Commander helmets with spikes
Kneepads: Gundam burner nozzel cut in half

Jin saotome

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