Custom Jin Saotome Action Figure

You've seen him before but here's the background on Jin's custom. He was the first figure I had ever sculpted anything on using Aves Apoxie sculpt for his chest/vest/pockets. The original figure was made a while ago, whenever Marvel Legends series 9 hit and I snagged the Johnny Blaze Ghost Rider.

Over the years tho the figure has gone through about four transformations or 'upgrades' if you will. Just recently the rubber from Ghost Rider's jacket degraded. You see I had sprayed it with spray-sealer before I knew NOT to use it on soft rubber parts. I had to rip the goo off him and completely resculpt the upper body including the large collar and jacket opening. Also the spikes gooed up so I replaced them with hard plastic spikes along with his arm-armor 'bolts'.

Jin was given a new articulated bandana, and a larger more poseable bendy-fabric scarf. Proper kanji has been painted on his back that translates to "Number one in the universe". And that's the history of this figure, now new and improved for your viewing enjoyment.

Jin Saotome

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