Custom Classics Transformers Jetfire

Someone wants me to finish Jetfire and they've been sending email after email asking if he's done. HE'S DONE, lol! It took me long enough but Jetfire's paint job was really quite complex with all the lining, shading, and making it look like the G1 character. I added nifty shoulder laser pods in jet mode because I felt he needed some more firepower (hah!) and gave him three removable hands including a "thumbs up" hand to show that he's landed without crashing. You go Jetfire! Everything else was just repainting him to look more like the G1 version which I happen to like more with the red nosecone and stripes on the wings. So without further delay, here he is!

Custom Jetfire Transformers Figure

Custom Jetfire Action Figure

Custom Transformers figure