Custom Transformers Jet Set (original character)

Here's my original character Jet Set, the Autobot's eye in the sky and on the the same time! He's a two part combiner, top half jet and lower half military transport. Jet Set was born from movie Dreadwing whose legs I cannibalized a long time ago for my movie Warpath's arms. Funny thing was he still transformed into a complete jet! So I used the lower legs of a Classics Henkei Prime and attached them at the waist with a strong ball joint.

Deluxe Ratchet's face was used, some Doc Ock claws to add to the bird-like appearance, and the front cab to an Armada Overload to complete the reailer. Reprolabels was kind enough to supply the N.E.S.T. decals and he was given a black/gray/silver paint job in homage to Jetfire who Jet Set is replacing as the Autobot's flying unit.

Jet Set Autobot

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