Custom Transformers Generations Ironhide figure

The Transformers characters Ratchet and Ironhide have often shared the same mold between them in G1 and Classics style before. Usually Ratchet is created after Ironhide from his mold but here I've reversed the process and whipped up a Generations style Ironhide from a Transformers Prime Ratchet ! The head came from a Bot-Shots and has a great cocky expression to it. The back of the head was missing so I had to sculpt it to match. Ironhide gets a giant GI Joe RoC cannon accessory and cast Highbrow Gatling gun from Broken Arrow Toys for his weapons which he can hold or have mounted on the roof. He was basecoated with Tamiya TS-49 Bright Red Spay Lacquer Now Ironhide is ready to roll or blast his way into battle!

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