Custom Ironhide Transformers Movie Figure

Here's Ironhide, the oldest and most seasoned of the Transformers! He needed a mod to his neck so he could look where he was aiming those big ol' guns so another Gundam bit the dust to provide that joint. Aside from that he's just a straight repaint. I mixed up some nice metallic blue-grey for certain parts, drybrushed silver over gray for more gradual definitions, and repainted almost all of his robot parts Testors Gunmetal which is now me new replacement for dragon black on Transformers! Gunmetal is a slightly metallic black semigloss. You have to put it on thin but the shine it gives silver is worth it! For some reason I can't get Ironhide's eyes to glow, the lightpipe plastic is too dirty-blue color so I ended up repainting his eyes. Everything else was just detailing and I gave him all those silver scuff-marks that he wears as the badge of experience. Enjoy!