Custom GI Joe 'Iron Strike' Mecha with pilot Scarlett

”We were amazed at the new technology that War Zone brought with him when he joined the Joe team. Most notable were the designs to build lightweight mecha that could be used in both urban and combat areas. The Iron Strike mech is one of the combat units used for long/medium range assaults. It's equipped with twin gauss cannons, a smaller laser cannon, and twin front mounted machine guns. Also it has a retractable claw for rescue or removing debris from its path, a great additon. Currently Scarlett has trained in piloting this version and she's loving every minute of it, crushing B.A.T.s beneath the Iron Strike's armored feet and blowing away HISS tanks from a distance! ”

The Iron Strike mecha was made from the smaller-scaled Sigma 6 Iron Hammer with new side cannons from a Kid Connections playset, neo shifters arm, and various fodder parts. The entire inside cockpit had to be yanked and redesigned to accomodate the 3 3/4" scale figures. Scarlett was the basic Scarlett given new pouch and armor accessories.

Iron Strike

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