Custom Steampunk Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure

Adding to my line of Marvel Legends Steampunk characters comes one of the Avengers, Iron Man! Standing 8" tall he's a pretty hefty fellow. His base body was the Redakai Metanoid and his chest portal displays a light-up animation of boiling steam and fire thanks to the toy's card feature. It's a 3-fame effect that my camera unfortunately doesn't pick up but looks awesome. The head was from a Megablocks Iron Man kit, Maximo Clock Puncher lower arms, LotR armor plates, Mark I Iron Man lower legs, and SW Tri-droid blasters for smokestacks.

There's tons of metallic detail and weathering effects used here like splatters, oil drips, and sponged on rust effects. His smokestacks flips down to become rocket boosters for steam-powered flight when you attach him on to the flight stand! The steam effects themselves are made from hi-temp glue put through a low-temp glue gun. You just need to roll the rod so the glue doesn't sag as you blow and cool it, kinda like glassblowing, heh. So now that Iron Man is done....who's next to get the steampunk treatment? Keep an eye on my customs and find out!

Steampunk Marvel

Steampunk Iron man

Custom Steampunk Iron man

Steampunk Marvel Legends


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