Custom Iron Man Marvel Legends Figure

With the Iron Man movie coming out this year people have been asking for one. I haven't made an Iron Man since my MvC2 version and figured it was about time. Iron Man here is made from a House Of M Iron Man body, build-a-figure MODOK hands/forearms, and a Thorbuster Iron Man head. Ah, but that can't be the Thorbuster head, it looks nothing like it! But it's true, I chopped off the lower section of the head at the old mouth where the jaw starts now. Then came sanding off the forehead prongs, cutting sections of styrene to make the panels, and sanding the whole thing round. A whole new use for the TB head. I then painted Iron Man completely silver and used Tamiya clear red/yellow along with some blacklinging for certain sections. Some repulsor ports added to his palms and we have a totally new look for an old favorite. His backpack was made from a spare Transformers Jetfire pack. Enjoy!

custom Iron Man Figure

Custom Iron Man Action Figure

Custom Action Figure

Iron Man's control center base is finished! It was made from a Code Lyoko accessory and features moving panels with a light up base that can be red or blue. I spent a while detailing the tv screens with various data like graphs and diagrams. You might get a chuckle if you read one of the screens closely.. heh.