Custom Iron Man Unique Comic Version

Iron Man again? Yes indeed, but this time it's a comic-version of ol' metal head. The new 'Marvel Transformers Crossover' figures hit the shelves just recently. They're basically Transformers that turn into Marvel characters and are MUCH better than the Star Wars Transformers! I snagged the Hulk Tank and Iron Man Jet. Low and behold the Iron Man Jet had the perfect scaled Marvel Legends head that I had been looking for. It's Iron Man all the way. I definitely suggest using this head!

So I took a House Of M Iron Man body and attached DCSH Lex Luthor's lower arms and lower legs, adding the head for a cool new comic-version. He has a unique styled look to him with over sized boots and gauntlets making him an all new Iron Man suit. Add some rare earth magnets from and some Stark Inc. weaponry, you're ready to party!