Custom Marvel Vs Capcom2 Iron Man with Proton Cannon

"PROTON CANNON!!!" Iron Man is back in his Marvel vs Capcom2 form, complete with his Proton Cannon Super! The cannon itself is made from a Sigma Six Cobra Commander's bazooka with a whole bunch of added on parts. I mean there's stuff from God only knows what making it up, lol! It actually fires the proton blast about 2 feet and some day I'd love to make a light-up version. Iron Man himself is basically a Face Off Iron Man that's been retooled and repainted. I fixed his mask so the lower chin comes off with the face plate instead of having that horrible gap there. Now the whole thing comes off (and fits much tighter) to show a better looking Tony Stark face underneath. The shoulders are fully red now to match the Iron Man sprite as well. I'd have to say this is my favorite Iron Man ever, enjoy!