Custom Iron Man 3 Gemini Deep Space Armor 6" action figure

Iron Man 3 had some amazing looking suit designs but unfortunately they're only being offered as un-articulated 3 3/4" or super expensive 12" figures. What about us Marvel Legends 6" collectors? Well here I've decided to make some of those suits starting with the Gemini Deep Space armor! To create this figure I started with the Mark 42 6" legends figure and sculpted detail on it using Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt. The backpack came from a Lost Planet action figure and modded to fit. The paint work consists of a gloss white armor, semigloss black under-suit, and matte gunmetal sections for a neat contrasting look. The helmet was high glossed gold and given the eyeless-visor look of the design. Tony Stark is ready to repair some space stations with this one!

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