"Iron American Armor" Captain America action figure

In the event there happens to be something out there that Captain America's normal uniform can't handle Stark Tech has created the Iron American armor! Designed to augment the strength/defense without sacrificing the mobility of the user, the Iron American suit features partial armor over a protective under-sheath. The Utility Sentry Automaton can be deployed from underneath the shield to scout ahead or act as a defense/offensive unit to the user. Steve Rogers now has just what he needs to answer the call when the Guardians of the Galaxy require assistance or the Avengers face an even bigger cosmic threat!

This custom Marvel legends action figure was created from an Iron Man II War Machine body/lower arms/legs, a Marvel Legends 2013 Ultimate Captain America/ shield, Wreck-It-Ralph 'Hero's Duty' shoulderpads and various fodder pieces. Shield-Bot was made from the Captain American shield and various Star Wars/fodder parts.

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