Custom 'Repulsive Armor' drunken Iron Man!

Oh man, Tony Stark has hit the liquor again! This custom was inspired by one of David Willis' of's strips he did for Toy News International. I took the regular Mark IV and repainted it with sickly green and vomit brown detail, adding some red lines under IM's eyes for that 'been out drinkin' look and puke on his armor. A few mini beer cans and a bottle of Bacardi completed the image. But wait, Willis even drew up some original art based on the figure that's halariously awesome! It's art imitating art imitating life imitating art.. or something... yeah!

At the time of this writing the figure and artwork combo are up on EBay for auction so head to my main page and click on my auctions link if you want to bid. Good luck!

Drunk Iron Man