My First N.B.E. (Insecticon raising kit)

Imported from the shimmering fields of Cybertron's east sector, the common Insecticon makes a great 'my first NBE' for any child. It's simplicity of care and feeding allow your child to marvel at the wonders of non-biological life and raise a tiny terror from a safe distance. Included in this kit are:

Crystalline habitat with magnetically shielded hatch
Shaved metal ground cover
Scrap metal nest
Metallic food pellets and Energon packet

Scratching its belly will cause the Insecticon's eye to light up a bright orange and stay lit until you train it to sleep. The common Insecticon grows to be about 5 inches long and has deep purple markings, brilliant metallic colors, dark shading, sparkling highlights, and a weathered, detailed look to its carapace that looks as if someone spent hours hand-painting the little guy.

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