Custom Iceman with Ice Armor

You can never have enough Icemen, or IceMAN for that matter! Here's Iceman once more with a modern look sporting and upgraded Ice Armor with airbrushed effects and a removable Ice-Spike hand. His armor is made from shards of 'Acrylic Table Decroation Ice' that you can find in the wedding isle at Wal Mart glued on with a gel epoxy. I used the new 2006 Iceman and accented his already transluscent blue body with Testors Clear Blue. I was about to drybrush the white highlights on when I realized... I had an airbrush, duh! So all the cool frosting was done with the airbrush for a really 'cool' ice effect. Props to my best buddy 'Hakoto-X' from the Fwoosh for making me realize I can never make enough Icemen... hehe. Enjoy!