Custom Age of Apocalypse ICEMAN Marvel Legends action figure

Iceman is back and this time he's come straight out of the Age of Apocalypse! I've tackled this figure before almost a decade ago and it's time to revisit him again for a completely updated look. To create this AOA styled Iceman I used a ML Drax upper body, Anti-Venom lower arms and back spikes, medium ML buck lower body, and Scarlet Spider feet. A resculpted Moon Knight head was perfect for his no-face look and I used powerful disc magnets to attach his body halves so he could be taken apart. For this reason I created a special lower body based on the comics using a Namor water-base with ice effects sculpted on. This gave Iceman an incredible snake-like form that really fits the character and can be swapped out with normal legs. I used a combination of light blue, dark blue shading, and frosty white airbrushed effects for his paint job which gave him an amazingly smooth ice-like look. Now this is an AOA Iceman that will stand the test of time yet again!

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