Marvel Legends Infinite Custom Iceman action figure

He's one cool customer that causes evil-doers to freeze in their tracks, it's the X-men's very own Iceman! It's been years since I created an Iceman custom, perhaps 10+ so I decided to give it another go using the new medium build body that Marvel Legends Infinite offers. Modding a head from a movie Electro and hands from a DCD Firestorm I wanted a unique look for Iceman and decided to take it a step further carving his entire body and resculpting sections with Aves Studio's Apoxie Sculpt to look like faceted ice crystal! The paint work is similar to my old Iceman customs using a silver base with a Tamiya clear blue wash, then frosty highlights of light blue and white. An ice-blast effect was created from icicle decoration sections and soon Iceman was ready to take on his enemies with cool, calculated precision.

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