Ice Man (Megaman) GI Joe figure

When it comes to cold no one does it better than Ice Man. This chilly fiend was encountered on an Arctic expedition by Snake Eyes and Snow Job. Apparently Wily is after someting buried in the ice and sent Ice Man out after it. Firing blasts of subfreezing temperature vapor, this Reploid gave us the cold shoulder until Zero showed up and got in to a 'heated' conversation. Now we know that Wily has all areas of the globe covered by his mechanical henchmen. What could he really be after?"

This figure was made from,

Head: Cobra Commanser ROC mask
Body: Wild Bill
Arms: Cobra Commander 25th
Hands: Kubrick Nostromo crew, Aliens
Upper lehs: Shipwreck 5-pack
Lower legs: Storm Shadow
Feet/hood: Snow Job
Arm cannon: Astro Boy with arm cannons

Ice Man Megaman

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