Custom 1:18 scale 'Hunter Rose' from the Grendel Comic Series

"Another Grendel has appeared but this time he is far more agile and deadly than the last. With combat skills that rival even Storm Shadow's, this 'Hunter Rose' is seeking out adversaries to prove himself the best. So far the Joes have not been able to catch him or even successfully track him. Cobra seeks his services but they are apparently not for sale, his answer to Cobra Commander given as a pile of Cobra Viper corpses at his doorstep. Whatever the true goal of this masked adversary might be, it will take the combined skills of both Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow to stop his deadly hunting spree!"

This figure was made from:

Head: Custom sculpt
Upper body: Storm Shadow 2-pack (with Tunnel Rat)
Lower body: Snake Eyes Commando
Arms: Tiger Force Duke
Upper legs: Storm Shadow
Lower Legs: Hard Master

Hunter Rose

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