Custom Marvel vs Capcom 2 Hulk

First off I'd like to thank Kyle Robinson for the whole Red Hulk to MvC Hulk idea months ago. We both have been searching for the Target exclusive Red Hulk wave and a friend sent me me a set early. However Kyle is planning to do a MvC Hulk as well with different features than mine, so keep an eye out for it!

This MvC Hulk is basically a repaint of the Target Red Hulk build-a-figure. I had to dremel down much of the shoulders and inner joints to preserve the paint once applied. He was created to match the ingame sprite, not the hand drawn control art, so he's a very bright green. The hair came from an NECA Player Select Raziel and I sculpted little bits of torn shirt overlapping his belt like the sprite had.

This hulk body is probably my favorite of all time and it's going to be hell finding another Red Hulk because of the apparent rarity of the Red Hulk wave at Target.

Custom Hulk