Custom Transformers Prime Hot Rod action figure

Hot Rod is here once again to take on the Decepticons! I really liked the Vehicon design in bot and alt mode so I went to figure out who else could benefit from it. The base for this custom Transformers Hot Rod is of course a Vehicon with a PCC Skyburst head, scout Dead End hands (they snap right in as does the head) side pipes from a Cybertron Swerve, and spoiler off some non-tf vehicle. Hot Rod was painted with metallic red Testors one coat Lacquer as his base and sealed with their Wet Look one coat lacquer clear which really holds up in terms of durability. I had to drill down the chest window pegs behind his armpits to get it to pop off so I could paint it and change the symbol. Anyone making this custom could alternately paint over the chest window with yellow as it kinda looks like his chest flames too.

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Hot Rod
Transformers Rodimus Prime
Custom Transformers

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