Custom Transformers Dark of the Moon Hot Rod!

Check out my custom Hot Rod done Dark of the Moon style. If you remember I did a Hot Rod from the first movie using Bumblebee's 77 Camaro mold. Following that I used the new Nitro Bumblebee for Hot Rod, PCC Skyburst's head, RotF Megatron's fins, and various other weaponry/fodder parts for the spy-mode add-ons. His rear thrusters are removable from the legs and the door panels are removed from the hips. Also you can quickly swap his legs at the hips if you want side-hinged ankle movement I found out. It makes him look so much better! The hood/door flames are done to resemble 8-bit lights like the moving LED kits on tricked out cars. All the extra parts and fins plug into mechtech ports so you can give Hot Rod a unique look or just leave them off.

Hot Rod Transformers

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