MOTUC Deluxe 8.5" Horde Trooper custom action figure

Horde Troopers are a dime a dozen falling to the swords and blasts of Eternian heroes every day. This needed to change and Hordak knew it. Upgrading the Horde Trooper with augmenting everything he could the Horde Trooper Commander was born. This trooper was taller, stronger, and deadlier than any other on the battlefield. Programmed to feel no remorse or fear and with armor fashioned from magical alloys this 'Horde Trooper 2.0' is just what Hordak needed to turn the tide of battle in his direction!

The Horde Trooper 2.0 was created using a Marvel Legends Mandroid build-a-figure base body, sculpted head, collar, and shoulders, Grizzlor vest symbol, Sigma 6 wrists/feet, Megatron crotch plate, and Major Maxim hands. A stun rod was created using Flogg's weapons and various parts. He stands 1.5" taller than normal MOTUC figures and was painted using Testors Model master Acryl, Formula P3 paints with Liquitex acrylic varnish sealer.

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