Custom MotUC Horde Terratrooper action figure

"Angered by the limitations of his Horde Troopers the tyrannical Hordak devises a new set of troopers to cause chaos in Eterina...the Horde Terratroopers! With crab-like legs these troopers are able to scale vertical surfaces with ease and snatch up enemies with their extending mechanical arms. While they cannot fly the Terratroopers can move incredibly fast on land and cover enough ground to surround Hordak's enemy on the battlefield. Even one can pose a serious threat to She-Ra or He-Man if they're unprepared!"

Here's a brand new original creation, the Horde Terratrooper! Based on a combination from a Horde Trooper and Skeletor's robots, this mechanical monstrosity was created from a DCU Metallo upper body, 200X He Man squid vehicle legs, Matrix Sentinel tentacles, Star Wars Drestroyer Droid legs claws, and a Redakai head of some sort. A new Horde chest emblem was created from fodder bits and some Lex Luthor/Spawn/Iron Spider armor was used in its creation.

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