Custom 'Filmation' version Hordak from He Man Classics

You all asked for a MotU custom and here's what I can deliver this far, Filmation Hordak! When I can get more figures I'll make more characters. This cartoon version of Hordak was created with the regular He Man Classics Hordak seeing as I have an extra one here. His forearms were swapped out with Marvel Legends Hercules and made so you can pop his hands off and exchange them with the various tech-weapons. The cannon was made from an Astro Boy Buzzsaw Samurai, scissor claw with parts from a Star Wars clone wars Chameleon droid, Wildcats Warblade hand claw, and Spawn Overkill battle axe for the last one. Various parts of his armor were retooled, mainly removing extra details and making him more like the cartoon version. Enjoy!


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