Custom 'Holiday Bumblebee' Transformers Figure

Ho ho ho, it's that time of year again! Well I guess that depends on when you're reading this. Anyway, here's 'Holiday Bumblebee' as seen on David Willis' web comic. You all have Katrina Sharp of StudioBrassy to thank for the creation of such a color-cordinated creation! She was the guest writer on Willis' strip and thought up the Holiday Bumblebee with a little design input from David. In the comics the character Ethan was duped into thinking it was real by Mike and hijinks ensued! But hey, why not make it real right? I snagged the All Spark Power Cliffjumper who was pretty much a red Bumblebee and added the green, details, to create an eye-numbing effect. He even has a little Christmas Katar. How festive! Don't stare too hard at the photos for saftey's sake. You could end up twitching on the floor.