Codename: Hobo Joe, 25th Anniversary Figure

"When Bob was awakened by something large and heavy dropped on his noggin he had no idea what was going on. Destro and the Baroness were escaping from the Joes and decided to hide the stolen weapons parts in the dumpster he was sleeping in. Working with a beer in one hand and a wrench in the other, Bob fastened the parts together to create an atomic rifle. When Cobra returned for the stolen parts Bob was ready, helping the Joes send those serpents packing. Now with a newfound sense of direction and breath that could kill a horse, Bob is the first line of urban defense against Cobra!"

Parts Used:
Head: Shipwreck (sculpted ballcap)
Body: Snake Eyes
Shirt/arms: Indiana Jones Cemetary Warrior
Legs/bare foot: Quick Kick
Boot: Rock n Roll
Weapon: Star Wars Clone blaster & fodder parts

Hobo Joe

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