Custom Hitman Agent 47 Action Figure

Here's my take on Hitman, Agent 47. My buddy Kyle Robinson finished his first and we both started working on our figures at the same time, without either of us knowing that the other had the idea! I saw the new Movie Masters Joker Goon on the shelf and thought, "That's a PERFECT suit for Tony Stark, Agent Smith... and Agent 47!" I snagged a DCSH Lex Luthor the same day for the head and went to work since PSM is always asking me for new Playstation customs. His tie came from a DC Black Mask fig but you could make that out of anything.

His garotte was hand made from fodder and stores in his coat along with a set of extra clips. Unfortunatly I couldn't get the coat propped open but there's space for his stuff in there. Enjoy!