Custom Hideo Tanaka GI Joe Figure

"With each passing century technology's cumulative advance has brought with it newer and deadlier applications. After the Great World War of 2070 and the overthrowing of Eurasia, Yoshii's descendant, Hideo Tanaka now leads the Tanaka Ninja clan. Garbed in a self-sustaining bio suit that enables him to perform feats of agility and strength far beyond normal human ability, Hideo has finally archived what his ancestor sought. The Lighting Master's elemental secret is his and with it he plans to eliminate the remaining Arashikage Ninja."

This figure was made from:

Head: Trigate Creations custom cast
Upper Body: RoC Cobra Commander
Lower Body/upper arms/upper legs: RoC Duke
Lower legs/lower arms: Resolute Cobra Trooper
Elemental arm: Iceman

Hideo Tanaka

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