Custom Kenner style Hidden Power Terminator 7" NECA figure

He's back just like he promised, it's the Terminator! But this time he's back from...the past. Remember the Kenner Terminator figure line you owned when you were a kid? Well I've gone and created the Hidden Power Terminator in NECA 7" format. Here you get the vintage toy design with full articulation and that fits in with your current figure collection. Hidden Power Terminator was created using a wrestling body/boots, NECA head, Battlestar Galactica lower body, Endoskeleton arm, and various fodder parts to create his power cannon. The cannon fires a claw-missile just like the vintage toy! Check out his exposed endoskeleton torso, I had to hollow out the wrestling body and attach it inside while still maintaining full articulation. Hidden Power Terminator even has his Future Wars arm tattoo! I'll be making a line of Kenner themed customs to keep an eye out. Your childhood is calling!

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