Custom Morlock Hemingway Figure from Generation X!

Here's an oddball character, the Morlock Hemingway from Marvel's Generation X. Toybiz had made a line of 5" figures a long time ago and series 2 never was produced. In it was Hemingway and a few others. I took one look at the new Hulk Movie Abomination and knew I had to bring this unproduced prototype to life! Hemingway was made from the Hulk Abomination Body, and DC Black Mask head. All his spikes, shorts, and the removable bash-fist was hand sculpted using Aves Apoxie Sculpt, the best 2-part modelling compound available. Man the tiny growth lines in the horns and matching the 'sprouting' sections to the original figure's arms was tough!

Painting was done using my new favorite 'cheat' technique of paint-wiping. You do a normal wash but just a bit thicker and then wipe across the surface using a damp rag before it dries. The effect is the wash stays in the low sections and you get a more distinct definition between colors than if you did a wash and left it on the entire surface. Doing a paint wipe multiple times blends in the shadows and you can drybrush overtop afterwards.

Marvel Hemingway

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