Custom Helghast Soldier from Killzone 2 (Sigma 6 style figure)

The Sigma 6 GI Joe animated style is popular with some people and I really like the design of the figures so I'm doing a whole line of video game characters with them. They'll all be featured in the new 'Official Playstation Magazine' and issue #2 already has my Helghast Soldier from Killzone in it!

This is another take on my Killzone Helghast Soldier, this time done like the PSP version of the trooper. The body was a Sigma 6 Leatherneck and his vest was tailored into a flak jacket complete with straps and buckles. The head is the Iron Grenadier's with the eyes drilled out and replaced by a LED unit. Press the switch on his back and the eyes light up a bright orange just like in the game! I sculpted the satchels from Aves Apoxie Sculpt, filled in the plug holes, and then added the uniform detail made from random parts and straps. He has the same super-detailed paint apps from my first Helghast Soldier like the mud/blood splatters, weathered uniform, and metal scuffing. Weilding the Cerberus Chaingun made from a Sigma 6 weapon and various other weapon parts, the Helghast solider is one mean customer, enjoy!

Custom Helghast Killzone Figure

Custom Killzone Action Figure

Helghast Soldier