Custom Helghast Soldier Figure from Killzone

Let me first say that I've never played Killzone but was extremely impressed with the super-reaslistic trailer I saw at the E3. Killzone 2 is coming out next year and yes I'm picking it up! That being said I hope I did the game justice in bringing this figure to live. Don't scream at me if I missed something, I don't even know if this matches Killzone 1 or 2's Helghast, lol! After taking these photos I sat back and did a few double-takes. Not because of anything wrong, but how even tho I had no idea what the character was about I loved the final look! This may look like a 1/6th scale figure but it's only 8" tall! The base figure was a Sigma 6 'Shockwave black ops' body with a Sigma 6 Iron Grenadier head and hands. I resculpted the face portion of the Iron Grenadier to match the Helghast face but afterwards decided that he needed more than just painted on eyes.

That's where I got a little creative. I drilled the old eyes out and replaced them with clear plastic rod sections I got from a Xevoz Hyperfury staff accessory. The staff was already a clear orange and it works for the eyes when they're not lit up. Yes, they really do light up! Dilling out up under the faceplate I put an orange LED in there and glued the wires back under his helmet rim so they came out the back leading to the battery pack on his back. You can depress the button and his eyes light up bright orange or slip a small piece of metal lever in the battery pack to keep them on all the time.

Everything else was paint work.. lots and lots of it. For his jumpsuit a basic dark gray was laid down with a dirty black wash, some brown, highlights of gray, then gunmetal for the armor. I did a muddy brown splatter on the boots/underside then decided to go all out, giving him a blood-splatter to his left side as if he had just gunned someone down. His Helghast Rifle was made from a Frontmission 3 shotgun and various random parts cut and glued on to make it resemble the gun in the game as close as I could get it. The two sides of the flag were printed out on Photoshop and given a texture-filter so it looked a little like material. I tattered the edges then glued it to aluminum piping. It's huge, a foot tall by eight inches long! So there you have it, one Helghast Soldier from the game Killzone! Light up eyes rule...

Holy smokes! Playstation the Official Magazine has featured my Helghast in both their US and UK magazines! Here's the pages: